Spuistreet Records

Last friday’s set at Spuistreet Records is now available on Soundcloud.


1. Deep 6 – we’re going deep (W/Piano) (deep south recordings)
2. Patrice Scott – Atmospheric Emotions (sistrum recordings)
3. The underground solution – LUV DANCIN’ (IN DEEP MIX) (Stricktly Rhythm Records)
4. Rick Wade – Forever Night (Moods & Grooves Records)
5. Apartment 4/4 – City Dreems (Parkwest)
6. B2 – Unknown (Ergo001) (Ergo)
7. Boo Williams – Crissy Jazz (Chiwax)
8. Freestyle Orchestra – Odyssey (MAW records)
9. Rick Wade – Beast (Dockside records)
10. Huerta – Hey Fredo (Small Hours)
11. Fred Quest – Wum (Holding Hands Records)
12. A1 – A (Relic EP) (OGE)
13. Tony Garcia – Under G Gruv (VIBE)
14. Aardvarck – Cult Copy (2000 and One’s Chicago Dirt mix) (Rush Hour)
15. Nick Holder – That Phat Track (DNH Records)
16. DJ Fett Burger & DJ Speckg├╝rtel – 6drops (Piano mix) (Royal Oak) (Clone Records)

Stricktly Vinyl #1

After one year of dj’ing it was about time to start recording sets. In this first edition of Stricktly Vinyl a fusion of jazz, soul, funk, disco and house.


01 Intense & molly duncan – Jammin’ In My Head (Cookin’ Records)
02 Lowrell Simons – Love Message (Rune Lindback Edit) (Magic Wand Label)
03 Merry Stones – Emotions (DJ Reverend P Edit) (Gamm enterprises inc.)
04 Midnight Express – Danger Zone (Tri-Fire Records)
05 Analog Players – Cou’le Ba (JKRIV version) (Discovery Recordings)
06 Subterrania featuring Ann Consuelo – Do it for love (Stonebridge Club Mix) (Champion Records)
07 Kahuun – Batteri (Sex Tags Ufo)